Passenger Locator Form for Greece, PLF

The Greek PLF is a mandatory document for all incoming visitors that must be completed online 72 hours before arrival.

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PLF Greece

Greek Passenger Locator Form (PLF) was introduced on the 14th of May, 2021 by the Government of the Hellenic Republic as part of the new travel restrictions. The form helps in contact tracing the incoming visitors in case the Greek authorities would need to get in touch with them regarding a possible Covid-19 infection. This ensures the safety of both Greek citizens and foreign travelers visiting. Greece Passenger Locator Form must be completed by every traveler no later than 24 hours of their planned arrival in Greece.

Travelers must follow the 24-hour period using Greek time; that is why it's best to fill the form even 72 hours before departure, as long as you know the flight number and other necessary details about your visit to Greece. The Greek PLF form is available online and requires travelers to provide basic personal, contact, and travel-related information, as well as details on their travel companions. Filling the form results in travelers receiving a unique QR code necessary for entering Greece. One Greek PLF can be submitted per family.

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When should I complete the Greek PLF?

Greek PLF should be completed at any time before departing to Greece but no later than 24 hours of arrival in the country, which must be counted in Greek time. The best time to start filling the Passenger Locator Form is immediately after you know your flight number and other details of the planned trip, such as the arrival date. You will also need to have an address for the stay for at least the first 24 hours to be able to complete the form.

How can I fill the Greek PLF?

Passengers arriving in Greece on all international flights, as well as by road or sea, must complete the Greece PLF online before their departure.
To complete the PLF, prepare your valid passport/ID and all the important details about your incoming trip to Greece. Next, carefully fill the online form following these steps:

  • 1

    Choose the transportation type you'll be using to enter Greece (land: bus/train/car, aircraft, cruise ship, or ferry ship)

  • 2

    Provide further data on the transportation type selected (e.g., by giving the airline name, flight number, planned date of arrival, and specific entry point). This section also gives space to provide further details to those travelers who have a connection flight planned.

  • 3

    Give personal data, including your names, gender, age, ID/passport details, and contact details - phone number and email address

  • 4

    Complete the permanent address section by filling in details on your address in your home country

  • 5

    Provide the address of your accommodation in Greece (at least the one for the first 24 hours)

  • 6

    Give personal and contact information of your emergency contact

  • 7

    Provide information on your travel companions (family and non-family/non-same household)

  • Once that's done, cover the issuing fee using any preferred method of online payment. Completing the Greek PLF is followed by a confirmation email and, later on, by a unique QR code issued and delivered to each applicant via email.

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Required documents for entering Greece

All adult travelers, as well as children over the age of 12, must have one of the following documents along with their Greek PLF to enter the country:

  • a negative PCR test
  • a negative antigen test result
  • vaccination certificate
  • recovery certificate

Detailed information on the Greek PLF and the documents required is available on the official Greek Government website at